Barka, Muscat – Sultanate of Oman
COWI Partners LLC – Consulting Engineers and Planners
Hydrologic and Hydraulic Study

Consultancy Services for the Tsunami Potential Risk Affecting a Private Plot in Barka – Sultanate of Oman


Consultancy Services for Tsunami
Assessment related to the potential risks
affecting a private plot in Barka –
Sultanate of Oman.


The study has been divided in two
different phases:
• Phase 1 – Tsunami modelling – during this
stage we collected all the morphologic,
topographic, bathymetric, geologic, seismic
and land use information of the study area
with the scope to calculate the tsunami
wave run‐up. The tsunami modelling has
been performed with the calculation of the
shore wave height and run‐up, for different
seismic events characterized by different
wave heights at the open ocean (from 0.1m
up to 2.0m), in order to take in account
every possible scenarios and risk level;
• Phase 2 – Inundation mapping – thanks to
the knowledge of the tsunami run‐up rates,
it was possible, using ArcGIS software tools,
to create a raster model of the tsunami runup
along the coastline, in which for each cell
of the digital model corresponds a value of
wave height on the shore, during the
considered different tsunami events.