2016 - 2018
Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO) funded by African Development Bank
Feasibility Study, Detailed Design and Construction Supervision

Water Supply and Sanitation Study in Bo, Makeni And Kenema (Sierra Leone)


Feasibility study, detailed design and
construction supervision for piped water
supply and sanitation facilities for
Odramachaku town in Arua district;
Feasibility study and detailed design for
Okokoro RGC in Maracha district and Keri-
Oraba RGC in Koboko district


The mean objectives of the Water Supply
Sanitation Study are: • To develop a full
proposal of the rural water supply sanitation
initiative (RWSSI) of Sierra Leone that will
facilitate both the mobilization of financial
support and detailed implementation
requirements. • To prepare an economically
and technically sound project for the water
supplies of Makeni, Bo and Kenema towns.
• To assess the rural water supply and
sanitation of the country and prepare a rural
water supply sanitation program. • To
prepare an Action plan to meet the needs of
year 2015 that will be include the
identification and designing of a priority
scheme on a pilot basis.